“Most students showed so high quality performance”

The Fourth Chun University Music Performance Competition took place at Chun University Scaleybark Campus  (701 Scaleybark Rd. Charlotte) on April 29th, 2017.

After President Dr. Ki-hyun Chun’s inspiring speech for the students and their parents, the competition began at 10:00 am.  About 50 participants and volunteers joined the event. The Grand prize for the competition was awarded to YUKINO TAKEHARA (Violin) after 2 hour energetic competition. She performed J. Sibelius’ Violin Concerto in d minor and J. S. Bach Partita No.12 Chaconne.
Dr. Roman Placzek, cellist, one of juries in this competition said he was surprised that most students showed so high quality performance especially in string and woodwind instruments that he can not give a grade easily. However, he said Yukino Takehara’s performace is excellent enough to receive Grand prize and gave a great spirit on all audience minds.
Yi Sak Kim (Clarinet) and Logan Wiliams (Voice, Tenor) and Hyunmin Ra &Josh Kim (Piano duo) also performed very well and received the first prizes. John Park (Double Bass) and Lia Park (CCM) were second prize winners
Chun University music competition was held with 4 divisions such as CCM, Voice , piano and Orchestral Instrument department,
Chun University Music Performance Competition started in 2014 for future Christian musicians have found many talented music students and drew the importance of music education from the parents.

Chun University was established by Dr. Ki-hyun Chun and opened last year as a biblical institute to providing education through a biblical perspective and global context. Chun University is offering Bachelor degree in Biblical Studies, Bachelor degree in Christian Music, Certificate in Teacher Church Education, Certificate in Christian Counseling, Diploma in Vocal Performance and Diploma in Music Performance.