Audit Student Admissions

Audit student status may be granted to those who have completed the admission process, but do not desire to enter a regular program at the time of enrollment. Such students may attend courses for credit for the purpose of personal enrichment, learning and upgrading skills, and fulfilling degree requirements for another institution. A non-matriculated student is subject to all institutional policies, including but not limited to financial, academic, and behavioral requirements. Students may choose to audit a class for no credit if space is available. Students taking a course for credit are given priority. Auditors are expected to attend class, are exempt from exams and other assigned projects and papers. Auditors are allowed to participate in regular classroom activities. A student requesting Auditing Status must do so to the Admissions Office and must be duly registered. The name of the auditing student will appear on the classroom roster and the mark of “AUD” will be recorded on the grade report and transcript. The “AUD” mark will not affect the academic average. The charge for auditing is stated in the “Tuition and Fee” section of this catalog.