Dormitory Policy

1. Contract of Lease. A Contract of Lease must be signed by the Resident and the University representative prior to the student’s admittance to the dormitory. 1. Contract of Lease. A Contract of Lease must be signed by the Resident and the University representative prior to the student’s admittance to the dormitory.

2. Charges for Utilities. Free. However, if they decide to bring in their own electrical appliances, they have to pay a monthly fee that is predetermined by the Management depending on the type of appliance.

3. Payment. The rent and other bills must be paid only at the University Cashier.

4. Use of the Unit. The unit shall be used exclusively by the Resident for lodging purposes and shall not be diverted to any other use.

5. House Rules

5.1 Visitors. Only the parents of the Resident can be allowed to enter the room with due permission from the matron. All other visitors shall be accommodated at the reception area. Visiting hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. only. No visitor, even the Resident’s parent/s, is allowed to stay overnight in any dormitory room.

5.2 Study Hours. Residents may study inside their room anytime. They are also allowed to study in other areas near the dormitory grounds such as the study sheds from 6:00 p.m. ~ 9:00 p.m. only.

5.3 Curfew. All residents must be inside the dormitory premises by 10:00 p.m.

5.4 Room Inspection. Matrons have the right to check each unit every night to make sure that everything is in order.

5.5 Cleanliness inside the Unit and Dormitory Premises. All dormitory residents are responsible for keeping their rooms and surroundings clean at all times.

5.5.1 Beddings should be neatly arranged.

5.5.2 Clothes should be kept inside the cabinet. No clothes should be hung outside the unit.

5.5.3 Food should be stored only in the refrigerator.

5.5.4 Eating is allowed only in the kitchen or in the dining room.

5.5.5 Waste segregation should be observed.

5.6 Dangerous Materials and Fire Hazards. The Resident shall not bring into the dormitory premises any material, machinery or equipment that can expose the University, the Dormitory and its occupants to danger or increase fire hazard.

5.6.1 Bringing electrical appliances is allowed provided that such appliances are checked and registered at2. the Matron’s Office prior to use.

5.6.2 Keeping matches and lighters inside the rooms is strictly prohibited.

5.6.3 Residents are not allowed to cook inside their rooms. Microwave ovens are provided for warming food 3. in the dining hall and the common kitchen.

5.6.4 Any outdoor antennae cannot be used or installed by Residents inside or outside the Dormitory.

6. Unit Reservation. If the Resident wishes to continue leasing the unit in the succeeding school year, he/she  must make a reservation on or before May 31. Otherwise, such unit shall be made available to other interested applicants and any deposit paid by the Resident shall be forfeited in favor of the Management.

7. Vacating the Unit. Upon expiration of the Contract, the Resident must vacate the unit, turn it over in good condition to the Management, and return the unit key to the matron. Subsequently, the Resident should obtain a clearance from the matron’s office.

8. Residents should participate in Sunday/Wednesday Services and activities related to church music at Charlotte Presbyterian Church.

9. Offenses and Sanctions

9.1 Minor Offenses. The offenses enumerated in this section are considered minor and are punishable as follows:1st offense – Verbal reprimand2nd offense – Written warning, copy furnished the parents/ guardian3rd offense – Letter of explanation and promissory note, noted by the parents/guardian4th offense – Classified as a major offense and dealt with by the Student Welfare and Formation Committee

9.1.1 Displaying disorderly conduct

9.1.2 Wearing short pants outside the residential area

9.1.3 Laundering and hanging of clothes outside the unit

9.1.4 Failure to register in the Logbook

9.1.5 Selling any item to other students within the dormitory premises

9.1.6 Allowing outsiders, including but not limited to friends and classmates, to enter the room4. 9.1.7 Violation of curfew .

9.1.8 Failure to turn off the light, orbit fan, or air conditioner

9.2 Major Offenses. The acts listed below are classified as major offenses, sanctions for which are determined by the Student Welfare and Formation Office.

9.2.1 Smoking

9.2.2 Possession and drinking of liquor

9.2.3 Possession and bringing in of prohibited drugs, pornographic materials, and dangerous stuff

9.2.4 Spreading rumors that malign the reputation of other occupants

9.2.5 Immoral acts including public display of affection

9.2.6 Sleeping in a dorm room other than his/her own

9.2.7 Vandalism

9.2.8 Deliberately destroying dormitory facilities, such as door knob, glass window, screen door, etc.

9.2.9 Unauthorized use of electrical appliances, including ironing of clothes inside the dormitory premises

9.2.10 Cooking inside the room

9.2.11 Littering

9.2.12 Non-compliance with the waste segregation program of the University

9.2.13 Gambling

9.2.14 Stealing or attempting to steal money and other property

9.2.15 Giving or lending a dormitory sticker to an outsider for the latter to avail of privileges accorded to a Resident

9.2.16 Habitual disregard or repeated willful violation of established Dormitory policies, or fourth commission of a minor offense.



Six houses are used as dormitories as follows:

500 Cherry Street, Charoltte, NC 28204

665 Archdale Drive, Charlotte, NC 28217

1513 Archdale Drive, Charlotte, NC 28210

1617 Archdale Drive, Charlotte, NC 28210

6254 Old Pinevilles Rd. Apt. C, Charlotte 28217

6254 Old Pinevilles Rd. Apt. G, Charlotte 20217