Board of Trustees

Mr. Proctor BO, MA., Secretary, Board of Trustees

Mr. Sidney L. BRADLEY, Ph.D., Board of Trustees

Ms. Nina (Ning) CHEN, BA., Board of Trustees

Mr. Ki-Hyun CHUN, Ph.D., LL.D., Board of Trustees

Mr. Timothy S. LANIAK, Th.D., Board of Trustees

Mr. Samuel NA, Th.D., Ph.D., Vice-Chairperson, Board of Trustees

Mr. William C. ROBINSON, M.S., Chairperson, Board of Trustees

Ms. Femi TOKUNBO, LL.M., Treasurer, Board of Trustees


Full Time Professors

Ki-Hyun CHUN, Ph.D., LL.D. (Lenoir-Rhyne University), Special Lecture, Global Leadership.

Sun Shin CHUN, MA., LL.D. (Lenoir-Rhyne University), Philosophy of Church Education, Worship.

Lena Chun LEE, JD., Esq. (New York Law School), Leadership & Coaching, Communication Skills.

Yeongkee LEE, Ph.D. (New York University), Voice, Conducting, Writing Hymn, Research Methods.

Sae Jung PARK, D.M. (Indiana University), Sight Singing & Ear Training, Harmony & Theory, Music History, Music Appreciation, Hymnology, Music and Worship.

Barbara PEACOCK, D.Min. (Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary), The Life of the Believer, Spiritual Formation, Spiritual Life, Church & Society, Christ & The Holy Spirit, Principles of Worship.

Ludovica TASSANI, DMA. (Conservatory Rossini), Piano, Keyboard Harmony.

Adjunct Professors

Yan CAI, MM. (Manhattan School of Music), Piano, Piano Class, Accompaniment.

Renee CARTER, MA. (Queen City Bible College), General Psychology & Counseling, Conflict Resolution.

Jean GAO, Ph.D. (University of Illinois) Math, Management Information System.

Hae Sook HWANG, PG.D. (Julliard School of Music), Soprano, Opera.

Joon Seoung JUNG, D.MinGM, DIS. Candidate (Fuller Theological Seminary), Global Leadership, Biblical Theology of Global Ministry, World Mission & Outreach, Examples of Leadership.

Ziyuan KASTENHUBER, MM. (Central Conservatory of Music), Soprano, Chinese Singing Class.

Sanghyun KIM, MFA. (University of Cincinnati, Indiana University), Design of Audio & Video Systems.

Sangmin LEE, Ph.D. Candidate (Kukmin University, Köln National School of Music), Music History, Oratorio.

Rocky Li, MM. (Manhattan School of Music), Bass, Choir, Theater Studies.

John LIU, Ph.D. (Clarkson University), Technology in Worship.

Samuel NA, Ph.D. (Faith Theological Seminary), Old Testament, New Testament, The Doctrine of God, Doctrine of Salvation, Church History, Ministry Stewardship.

Grace E. OH, DMA. (Catholic University, Robert Schuman Hochschule), Organ.

Violet PAN, BM. (Brooklyn Conservatory of Music), Violin, String Class.

Zaiba SHEIKH, MM. (Cleveland Institute of Music), Piano, Accompaniment.

Radoslaw SOBCZAK, Ph.D. (Chopin University), Piano, Piano Pedagogy


Part Time Instructors

Tanja BECHTLER, MM. (Manhattan School of Music), Cello.

Charlotte CABUCO, MBA. (Pfeiffer University), English Composition.

Amanda Sesler DAVIS, MM. (Indiana University), Soprano.

Johnnie Jerell FELDER, DMA Candidate (University of South Carolina), Tenor, Oratorio.

Sharon FOGARTY, BM. (Winston-Salem University), Flute.

Mahari FREEMAN, DMA Candidate (University of South Carolina), Soprano

Christopher GRAHAM, DMA. (University of Miami), Clarinet, Wind Ensemble.

Sun Young HWANG, Ph.D. (King Sejong University), Ballet.

David LORUSSO, MA. (North Gastern University, Boston), Violin.

Victoria McLAUGHLIN, BM. (University of South Carolina), Cello.

Lincoln REEVES, BM. (Northern Iowa University), Cello.

Nancy ZHANG, MA. (New York City University), Computer Science. Web Services & Applications

Jennifer E. WIGGINS, MA. (University of Illinois), Mez. Soprano, Opera.



Ki-Hyun CHUN, Ph.D., LL.D. (Lenoir-Rhyne University), President, 704-577-9304.

Sun Shin CHUN, MA., LL.D. (Lenoir-Rhyne University), Chief Executive Officer, 704-576-9844.

Lena Chun LEE, J.D. Esq. (New York Law School), Vice-President, 704-517-3044.

YeongKee LEE, Ph.D. (New York University), Chief Academic Officer, 704-773-4548.

Lisa Chun BIRKOS, J.D. (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Chief Legal Officer.

Daniel CHUN, J.D. Esq. (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Chief Finance Officer.

Barbara PEACOCK, D. Min. (Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary), Chief Student Services Officer.

Sae Jung PARK, D.M. (Indiana University), Library/Learning Resources Director. 812-320-3545.

Nina CHEN, BA. & BCM. (Beijing Arts Institute, Chun University), Administrator. 980-939-3875.

Sungsook PARK, Health Care, 812-322-2177.

Patrice WESLEY, Public Relations, 704-332-4167.