Tuition and Fees

Cost of Tuition

Courses for credit in all programs of enrollment

– Course number 500 or above: $270 per credit

– Course number 499 or below: $240 per credit

– Private lesson: $330 per credit (It may vary depending on the instructor chosen by the student)

Audit Classes – cost per credit $270 for course number 500 or above, $240 for course number 499 or below.

Application & Registration Fee

First time application $50

Each subsequent term registration $10

Late additional registration fee $20

Christian Music Department

Private Lesson fee per one hour $66

Accompanist fees (per one hour, major in voice and instrument) $55

Practice room fee per two hours $2

Other Fees

Room and Board per month: One room for one person/$500, one room for two people each/$300

Books per semester $500

Student membership fees per semester $20

Student ID issuing cost $20 Graduation service fee (gown, stole, shipment, etc.) $70

Expenses for official issuing transcripts charge of $20 and non-official transcript $10