Student Complaints Policy

The administration, faculty and staff of Chun University, maintains an open-door policy for students to voice their concerns or complaints. Occasionally, a student or former student will require assistance with a problem at a level outside of our institution. For those occasions, we follow the following policy:

The purpose of this policy is to establish a student complaint/grievance procedure.

Scope/ Coverage
This policy applies to all current students of Chun University.

Policy Statement
Chun University is committed to a policy of fair treatment of its students in their relationships with the administration, faculty, staff and fellow students.

Note that a grievance is defined as a matter not falling under the progression policy for academic or non-academic due process.

  1. The student shall file a written complaint using the Student Complaint/Grievance Form.
  1. The completed Student Complaint/Grievance Form should be submitted to any member of the CU Office of Student Affairs in a sealed envelope.
  1. The Associate Dean of Student Affairs will handle the complaint in accordance with the policies of Chun University will review the facts surrounding the issue and will attempt to resolve the complaint.
  1. The complaint will be answered in writing by the Associate Dean of Student Affairs within four weeks of receipt of the complaint, excluding holidays/university breaks.
  1. If the complaint relates to the Associate Dean of Student Affairs, the matter will be handled by the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs following the same procedure.
  1. If the Associate Dean of Student Affairs cannot resolve the complaint satisfactorily, the matter will be referred to an ad hoc-correct committee formed on a case-by-case basis. This will include 3-5 individuals one of whom will have a legal background. Otherwise the committee will be constituted of CU faculty and staff.
  1. If the ad hoc committee can not resolve the complaint satisfactorily, the matter will be transferred to the Dean for appropriate action.
  1. Students may appeal decisions by filing an appeal with the Dean within ten days of receipt of the complaint/grievance resolution. The Dean’s decision is final.
  1. A record of the student complaints is kept on file in the Associate Dean of Student Affairs office.
  1. All aspects of student complaints shall be treated as confidential.
  2. If students are unable to resolve a complaint through the institution’s grievance procedures, they may review the Student Complaint Policy, complete the Student Complaint Form (PDF) located on the State Authorization web page at, and submit the complaint to or to the following mailing address: 
  •                           North Carolina Post-Secondary Education Complaints
  •                           c/o Student Complaints
  •                           University of North Carolina General Administration
  •                           910 Raleigh Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27515-2688