Doctrinal Statements

Mission Statement

The mission of Chun University is to prepare students biblically and professionally for global service.

Purpose Statement

Chun University is a Bible Institution that is dedicated to providing global Christian leadership education. Chun University prepares students spiritually, academically, and professionally; to think with clarity, act with integrity, compassion and apply knowledge to address the needs of individuals and society.

Doctrinal Statement

Chun University was founded on beliefs based on the historic creeds of the Church. Such include the Apostle’s Creed and the confessional tradition of Protestant Evangelicalism.

Our beliefs:

~ We believe the Bible is the complete revelation of God, the only clear and sufficient guide to salvation and the infallible and authoritative standard in all matters of doctrine, faith and practice.

~ We believe that there is only one true God, eternally existing in three persons – God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. This Trinity is one God, the same in substance and equal in power and glory.

~ We believe that in the beginning, God created the world and all things in it. He showed the glory of His power, wisdom and goodness. Lastly, in the order of creation, God made humanity, male and female, in His own image, with knowledge, righteousness, and His law in their hearts.

~ We believe that the Almighty Creator, by His wise providence, sustains, directs and governs all that comes to pass according to His sovereign will.

~ We believe that the guilt and corruption of Adam’s sin, was imputed to all his descendants. In this corrupt condition humanity was completely hindered from good and inclined to evil and were subjects of God’s anger and punishment. This condition of sin, while pardoned through Christ, remains even now.

~ We believe that God graciously gave tolerance to humanity by means of His covenants. Even though biblical knowledge informs us of numerous covenants, there are two primary covenants. They are the Covenant of Creation (works) which Adam broke and plunged his race into ruin; and the Covenant of Redemption (grace) in which God bound Himself to redeem people from the curse of Adam by means of substitution.

Institutional Objectives

Chun university prepare students to successfully fulfill a Christ centered mission. We envision each of our graduating students to be able to:

~ Interpret and understand the Bible correctly.

~ Receive spiritual and personal maturity.

~ Practice the content and form of worship that God wants.

~ Apply Christian theology to life.

~ Apply the Bible messages to global leadership.

~ Learn their techniques and knowledge professionally in their major fields of concentration. ~ Contribute to the greater community effectively with their major fields.

~ Connect biblical principles to a technological world.

~ Effectively share the gospel to their generation and beyond.

Christian Philosophy of Education

Our Christian philosophy of education is summarized in the following three statements:

~ Provide instrumental guidance toward fulfilling God’s purpose in each student’s individual calling.

~ To provide an education that allows each student to become the most effective in their chosen vocational ministry.

~ To empower each student with the required knowledge to carry their vocational ministry across cultures and countries.

Non-Discrimination Policy

The Chun University believes that it exists to prepare men and women to share the true Gospel of Free Grace to those from “every tribe and tongue and people and nation” (Revelation 5:9). This non-discrimination policy covers admission, access, and treatment in programs and activities, and application for and treatment in employment that includes the selection, retention, and advancement of staff, faculty, and administrators. The president and the Chief Executive Officer delegates the responsibility and authority to direct these activities.

Open Door Policy

The President, the Deans, and other administrative staff and faculty welcome opportunities to talk with students about any matter at Chun University. Most faculty and staff keep posted office hours, but in some cases an advance appointment may be needed. An open door program starts the moment students arrive on campus. Mentors provide assistance with course schedules, help with financial aid and internship and connecting students to outreach programs, etc.