Ludovica Tassani

Ludovica Tassani, born in Rimini, Italy began studying piano aged four with her mother and taking formal piano lessons when she was six.

Aged ten she was admitted at the “Gioacchino Rossini” Conservatory in Pesaro where she studied with Maestro Annibale Rebaudengo and Marco Cola and she got the Piano degree after the rigorous 10 years of Piano course.

After having received the Piano diploma, she began studying harpsichord in the same Conservatory with Mrs. MariaLetizia Pascoli. She then obtained her second degree.

Ms. Tassani attended the piano courses at the Music Academy “Incontri col Maestro” in Imola, Italy studying with Maestro Franco Scala, Piero Rattalino and Piernarciso Masi.

She attended masterclasses of “Clavicordo, Clavicembalo, Fortepiano e Basso Continuo” with the famous harpsichord player/teacher Mrs. Emilia Fadini in Milan.

She held recitals as pianist and harpsichord player everywhere in Italy and Europe. She played with several Baroque Orchestras and played in duo with Maestro Dante Milozzi, Rino Vernizzi, Claudio Casadei, Emmanuele Baldini and in many Chamber orchestras.

She made several recordings with various Baroque Orchestras.

From 1989 to 2007 she was Organist and Music Director of the “Santa Rita” Church in her hometown, Rimini.

After having obtained her first music degree she started to teach Piano and Music Theory. Ms. Tassani has over 30 years of experience teaching hundreds of students of all ages, who got accepted in the best Conservatories of Music in Italy and Music schools in Europe and USA. Her students have been winning National and International Competitions.

Ms. Tassani has been awarded “Top Teacher of the Year” every year since 2017 by Steinway & Sons.

Ms. Tassani has a further Doctorate degree in Political Science, University of Urbino.