Process of Corrective Action


In the event of non-compliance with Chun University rules and regulations, academic attendance or professional image, a student will be issued a written warning from his or her instructor. The instructor will advise the student of the non-compliance issue and proceed to identify a corrective action with the student.


As policy of the institution it is established that the maximum time on probation for a student is the defined as SAP evaluation periods specifically for the program of study. Within that period, the student should improve his/her satisfactory progress by completing additional hours and taking additional examinations provided by the instructor, and by completing those examinations with a minimum grade average of ā€œCā€ (2.0). Meanwhile, the student should be fulfilling the minimum attendance requirements. If a student does not fulfill satisfactory progress up to the time of completing each evaluation period of the

program, the institution places him/her under probation. If a student restores his/her satisfactory progress, but does not maintain that satisfactory progress status, then he/she will be removed from the program.

Appeal Process

Policy of the institution indicates that all students should have the right to appeal a decision that can harm his/her interests. Appeals must be received within 10 days of dismissal.

A student may appeal the determination of unsatisfactory progress by submitting a written explanation of his/her reasoning to the Student Services Department. The Student Services Department will confer with the Dean of Academics, who will determine, in this case, the final decision. The student will be notified of the final determination within 10 days.

Readmission to a Program

A student who withdraws from their respective program, due to unsatisfactory progress, may be re-admitted on probation status. All former students who apply for readmission one year (i.e., 12 months) after the effective date of their withdrawal will be required to pay a readmission fee of $50.00.