Graduation Requirements

To qualify for degree, certificate, or diploma conferral, students must:

~ Give evidence of biblical understanding, godly character and readiness for ministry.

~ Complete the prescribed course of study and achieve a minimum GPA of 3.00 for the master program, and 2.50 for undergraduates and diploma program.

~ Settle all financial obligations, including payment of the graduation fee.

~ Receive the recommendation of the Faculty and approval by the Board of Trustees for graduation.

~ Submit an official Intent to Graduate Form to the Registrar’s Office prior to enrolling for the final semester.

Students who have not completed all academic requirements may petition to participate in commencement if the remaining requirements will be completed by the end of summer semester and if 6 credit hours or less remain for completion. Students must enroll in and pay in advance for any such pending classes. The diploma and transcript will not be issued until all pending academic requirements are completed.

After satisfying all these requirements, the student will be awarded a diploma, certificate, or degree depending on the program completed.