Refund Policy & Financial Services

Refund Policy

Tuition, fees and room adjustment is applied equally to all students who drop classes within the first five weeks of classes of each term. Students must officially request the withdrawal from a class to receive the corresponding fee adjustments no later than two weeks after the withdrawal has been officially done. Students who withdraw a class after the fifth week of classes will receive no adjustment on tuition, fees, and room.

Students will be refunded on the following basis:

100% before the first week of class (except for the registration fee)

80% if withdrawal is within the first two weeks of class

60% if withdrawal is within the third week of class

40% if withdrawal is within the fourth week of class

20% if withdrawal is within the fifth week of class

No refund after the fifth week of class Refunds will be mailed via check within 30 days of the official class or student withdrawal date.

Payment Options

Chun University is a newly established educational institution, fully approved by North Carolina Board of Education. We are not eligible at this time for Pell Grants, Federal Student Loans (subsidized or unsubsidized), or other federally funded programs. However we offer many scholarships to students wishing to enroll at our institution. We invite you to learn about them at the admissions section of this catalog. All scholarships are in-house or are privately funded by supporters of Chun University. Other private scholarships or grants will be considered only upon appropriate documentation submitted to a representative of the Admissions Office.

All tuition, fees, and related costs of each program included in this catalog are due prior to each term start date, unless the student has made an arrangement for monthly/weekly payments with the proper authorities. A complete fulfillment of payment obligations is a condition for graduation.

At the time of each term enrollment, students may select from the following payment options:

· Full payment at time of signing enrollment agreement.

· Registration fee at the time of signing enrollment agreement with balance paid prior to term start date.

· Registration fee at time of signing enrollment agreement with balance paid prior to graduation following an agreed payment plan.