Tuition, Fees, and Expenses

Tuition, Fees, and Expenses
1. Estimated average cost per semester (excluding personal expenses, room and board, books, supplies, student services fee, and special fees for certain programs) *Chun University provides housing for out of state student
• Full-time student in the School of Biblical Studies
• Full-time student in the School of Christian Music

 2. Part-time student fees (for students taking under 12 credit hours)
• One credit hour / $150
• Registration fee (required, per semester, non-refundable) / $10
• Technology fee (required, per semester, gives access to computer labs) / $35
• Audit fee (for non degree, non certificate students, per credit) / $125
• Practice room fee (per one hour)


3. Music fees (per semester)
• Accompanist fees (for voice and instrument majors) / $160
• Half hour recital / $80
• Full hour recital / $150

4. Summer school tuition and fees
• One credit hour / $150
• Registration fee (per term) / $25

Explanation of Costs and Fees

Application Fee: A non-refundable application fee must accompany each application for admission. Application materials received without the fee will not be processed.

Books: The cost of books and school supplies varies depending upon the course of study, subject, and the number of hours attempted. An estimated cost is an average of $500 per semester based on a course load of 15 semester credit hours (five courses). Students may purchase textbooks from the supplier of their choice.

Conditional Fees: Fees designated as conditional are payable only if applicable to the individual student.

Late Registration: New students who register after the specified deadline at the beginning of each semester will be charged a late fee. Continuing students who register after the scheduled pre-registration dates each semester will be charged a late fee.

Matriculation fee: A matriculation fee per credit hour to a maximum of 15 credit hours is charged per semester for each student. Services covered by the matriculation fee are listed on the Schedule of Tuition and Fees. Online students pay matriculation fees to maintain the course site.

Meals: Two meals (lunch and dinner) are provided on campus Monday through Friday of each week when classes are held. Meals may be purchased on a per-meal basis by paying the cashier in the dining hall.

Payment: Payments on student accounts must be submitted to the Business Office by the specified deadlines in order to remain in good standing with the College. Student accounts in arrears for 60 days are referred to a collection agency to procure payment.

Students whose accounts are not up to date will not receive semester grades and cannot register for subsequent semesters or request official transcripts until accounts are cleared.

Tuition: Tuition fees cover the cost of courses taken by the student. The fee schedule supplies tuition costs for 15 credit hours (five courses). Additional courses will increase these costs by the designated fee for each three credit hour course exceeding the 15 credit hours covered in the schedule.