Transfer Student

Transfer students with more than 15 semester hours are not required to submit ACT or SAT test score. Students transferring with more than 15 semester hours are required to furnish a complete and official high school transcript. Students wishing to transfer to Chun University should submit official transcripts of all work at previous colleges. Transfer credits will be evaluated and credit allowed for equivalent courses taken at another college. Applicants wishing to have their transcripts evaluated before enrolling at Chun University should send a written request to the Admissions Office. The Registrar and the Academic Dean will make final determination of transfer credit.

Transfer students who have earned more than 15 semester hours with a grade point average less than 2.5 will be accepted on academic probation. An official transcript must be sent from each institution attended, whether credit was earned or not. Students who fail to reveal information on any college where they were previously registered is subject to dismissal from Chun University.

Requests for transcript review will be submitted to the university registrar in a timely manner. During non-registration periods, at least one week should be allowed for review. However, during peak registration periods, at least two weeks should be allowed for the complete review process. Furthermore, if transcripts from multiple institutions are being reviewed, original transcripts from each institution will be required and all coursework will be reviewed separately and individually.

Regardless of the number of transfer credits approved or the program of study, the student’s final 30 hours of instruction must be taken at Chun University.