Course Descriptions

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Faith and Good Life

Having a good faith as basis for a better life. Classroom lectures about the fundamental qualities of faith, and its growth.


Church and Society

Examines how church and society affect one another, and looks at it’s relationship.


Bible Overview

Deals with the perspective of Holy Bible.


Life of Christ

Studies the key messages of Jesus Christ through examining His life.


Worship Overview

A study of different forms and content of the worship



Deals with the concept and basis of hymns, and how to perform them.


Special Lecture

Special lecture or address series of well-known person related to CHUN UNIVERSITY’s mission.



1 hour weekly.


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Course Name



Practicum in Church Teaching

A practicum which gives students the opportunity to gain teaching experience. The student will observe a working professional and participate on an expanding level of responsibility. Prerequisites: Successful completion of 15 hrs of regular major course in their program. Requires approval of application and permission of instructor.


Graduate Project

Graduation thesis or graduation concert, presentation, etc.


Major Field Internship

2 credits will be given if 32 hours of fieldwork has been completed related to the student’s major.


Interpreting Bible

An exploration of the relationship between biblical interpretation and contemporary social issues. Special attention will be paid to the way presuppositions life experience influence how one understands the meaning of both biblical texts and human cultures.


Foundation of Christian Worship

Students explore the meanings, history, various expressions and elements of worship, including the arts, technology, and resources for worship. The course experiences planning and leading worship.


Christianity and Culture

This course will explore how the Christian message interacts with culture. Utilizing historical, biblical, and theological models of Christianity, the course will examine appropriate involvement of the Christian message with culture.


New Testament

An introduction to the New Testament and the scholarly issues most relevant to its academic study.


Old Testament

An introduction to the Old Testament and the scholarly issues most relevant to its academic study.


Spiritual Formation

By engaging in time-honored spiritual practices and learning the interconnections of body, mind, and spirit, students grow in their spiritual formation and faith development.


Christian Leadership

This course will provide an overview of bible school administration to include basic concepts, policies, practices, and principles of educational leadership at the local, state, and federal levels.


Church and Community Relations

This course will comprehensively examine communication principles and the variety of forces that are involved in church and community relations.


Jesus: Example of Leadership

We can not find anyone who has demonstrated great leadership like Jesus Christ. Study the leadership of Jesus Christ.


Church Education

The intent of the course is to prepare church teacher candidates to meet the educational and social needs of students with mild disabilities in grades k-12l. The program is designed to prepare church teacher candidates to provide research-validated instruction and behavior supports to maintain at grade level students with mild disabilities.


Church History

This course will prepare church teacher candidates to implement a concept-based, developmental appropriate, and process oriented church history.


Mission in the 21st Century

Building on the modern missionary movement, this course reflects critically on the past while building for the future through the exploration of new opportunities, trends and challenges in local, national and international mission contexts.


Church and American Culture

This course provides an introduction to religious beliefs and behaviors in the United States. While this course will look at influences from earlier centuries, the focus will be upon the last 100 years and the relationship of culture and church in America.


Biblical Hermeneutics

Study how to interpret and apply the Bible.


History of Asian Mission

Examines different Asian cultures including Korea, Japanese, Chinese, and Vietnamese, and studies their characteristics and comparative features. This course may be connected to study abroad programs.


Spanish for Mission

This course stresses all four skills-speaking, listening, reading and writing-of Spanish and allows the student to communicate in everyday situations in a Spanish-speaking country for mission.


Korean Language for Mission

This course stresses all four skills-speaking, listening, reading and writing-of Korean and allows the student to communicate in everyday situations in a Korean-speaking country for mission.


Chinese Language for Mission

This course stresses all four skills-speaking, listening, reading and writing-of Chinese and allows the student to communicate in everyday situations in a Chinese-speaking country for mission.


English for Missionary

Reading, writing and intellectual skills are excellent preparation for students interested in pursuing careers in public service as well as in a well rounded liberal arts education for mission.


History of American Education

This course explores both formal schooling and informal education in America by analyzing the ways in which social and intellectual trends have influenced educational policy and practice.


Child Studies

This course provides a study of various theories of psychological and psycho-social development and implications of those theories on student learning.


School Administration

This course represents a study of personnel administration in public school systems. The course examines selection, orientation, placement, compensation, transfers, separation and staff development of instructional and support staff.


Teaching in Elementary

Effective methods and materials for teaching math, science, and social studies in the elementary classroom will be presented in this course.


Technology in the Classroom

An introduction to various technologies used in classrooms with emphasis on microcomputer-based systems.


Multimedia Design

This course will comprehensively examine the multimedia production process as a tool for instructional presentations. It will introduce, analyze, and review the hardware and software products necessary for success in multimedia production in educational settings.


Introduction to Church Law

This is an introduction course which examines fundamental issues of church law and ethics as they are applied to the teaching profession. Areas to be studied include educational structure and governance, church/state relations, students’ rights, teachers’ rights and responsibilities, as well as tort liability.


Leadership & Coaching

This course will focus on that which makes a school successful. During the course of instruction, students will investigate the nature of instruction, curriculum, assessment, and professional development.


Public Speaking

A course for beginners in the basic principles of speech directed toward the establishment of habits of good speech.


Sunday School Curriculum

Sunday students will gain knowledge and understanding about supervision and curriculum theory and its application to churches today.


Elementary Education

The purpose of the Elementary Program (K-6) is to provide appropriate learning experience to meet the needs, capabilities, and interests of children in kindergarten through grade six. The program is designed to assist teacher candidates in acquiring knowledge, developing skills, and forming attitudes within a learning environment focused on active involvement and relevant learning activities.


Cross Cultural Adaption

Culture develops through exchanges. We will look at examples of cultural exchanges and make proposals for creating desirable culture through them.


Teaching Methods

Study nature of education and look for effective ways to live a better life.


Parent Education

Parent education is absolutely critical to children. Discuss and study parents’ education for their children’s education.


Teaching Introduction

A study of the organizational procedures, principles and practices that attend the teaching in Sunday School.


Education Foundations

Designed to aid elementary majors in the Department of Christian Education.


Educational Psychology

Study necessary psychology for effective education.


Philosophy of Christian Education

We examine the different between church education and social education. Study the concept of church education and proper education contents.


Psychology of Teaching

Principles of the psychology of teaching, growth and development, and learning; implications for teaching in church.


Creative Arts for Christian

A kind of group lesson for drawing, craft, production, party planning, recreation, etc. related to religious expression and activities.


Theories of Counseling

A survey designed to acquaint the student with the underlying principles, major theories, and methods commonly employed in individual counseling.


Techniques of Counseling

A course that deals with becoming and being a counselor by examining the various agencies, styles, techniques, problems, and categories of counseling.


Multi-cultural Counseling

An exploration of the lives, issues, and potential counseling problems of various cultural groups.


Christian Perspectives on Counseling

A survey of Christian approaches to counseling. Emphasis on the development of Christian approaches as they relate to theoretical and clinical advances in the field of counseling. Focus on the theological underpinnings of each approach.


Special Topics in Counseling

A course presenting various topics and research concerns. The topic will change to meet student demand and interest.


Human Communication

This course introduces the discipline and multiple fields of communication by surveying the origin, history, and development of the field as well as the basic dimensions, concepts, and theories of human communicative interaction and behavior in both mediated and non-mediated contexts.


Inter-cultural Communication

A study of the relationship between communication and culture with emphasis on factors affecting the processes and quality of interpersonal communication between those of differing cultures and subcultures.


Social and Cultural Change

Study of past, present and future changes in social structures and cultural patterns. A cross-cultural/comparative approach will be used to examine such topics as modernization, industrialization, cultural ecology, world systems, revolutions, economic development, information society and robotics.


Major Lesson

Voice, Piano, Orchestral Instruments, Choral Conducting, Composition, Vocal, etc.


Graduation Presentation

Half or one hour Recital / Presentation.


Rudiments of Music*

Fundamentals of notation, ear training, music reading. Diatonic harmony up through the dominant seventh chord.


Sight Singing and Ear Training*

Designed to develop music-reading and related aural skills through practice and application of sight-reading techniques and ear-training procedures.



Examining the harmonic principals of the tonal language and their evolution through history.


Music History*

From beginnings of Western civilization to the present. Style analysis, visual and aural, or representative compositions; relationship of music to socio-cultural background of each epoch.


Music Appreciation

How to listen to music, art of music and its materials; instruments and musical forms.


Performance Practice

Styles of solo and ensemble performance of instrumental and vocal music: dynamics, tempo, phrasing, ornamentation, improvisation, etc.


Voice Class

A kind of group lesson for church singing.


Piano Class

A kind of group lesson for piano accompaniment in church.


String Class

A kind of group lesson for string ensemble at church.


Brass Class

A kind of group lesson for brass ensemble at church.


Composition Class

A kind of group lesson for sacred song composition.


Wind Class

A kind of group lesson for wind ensemble at church.


Piano Accompaniment

Study and practice of the art of accompaniment using materials from the studio accompaniment and other piano accompanying, piano ensemble.


Chapel Choir

2 hours weekly with Wednesday Evening Service


Church Chorus

2 hours weekly


Church Orchestra

2 hours weekly


Church Music Ensemble

2 hours weekly


Oratorio Workshop

Sacred music from 16th century to present: smaller forms, motets, anthems, cantata, passions, and oratorio.


Opera Class

Technical and performing aspects of production of light and grand opera as they pertain to singing actors and ensembles.


Choral Literature

Introduction to sacred choral music literature: structure and style. Antiquity to present.


Sacred Music Score Study

An introduction to the study of sacred music scores of selected choral and choral-orchestral works, emphasizing historical and structural viewpoints and application to performance.


Church Music Skills

Keyboard skills, four-part harmonization of melodies and given bases; improvisation of simple chord progressions in four-part style; basic modulation; transposition on four-part hymns.


Music in Christian Culture

This course investigates ways in which music reflects and interacts with its cultural milieu. The course includes developing a basic vocabulary of skills in music listening and seeks to develop understanding of and appreciation for a wide variety of musical styles. Extensive use of recordings is supplemented by live performances.


Congregational Hymn Composition

A composition of the various periods and styles of hymnody in the history of the Western church; and a study of the role for congregational singing and worship.


Music for Worship

A course designed to acquaint students with the skills for successful church music arranging with emphasis on practical application and adaptability to various situations. Special attention is given to techniques for arranging or adapting music for ensembles with limited instrumentation and/or personnel.


Practicum in Church Music

This course is designed to provide the church music student with practical experience in a local church under the supervision of his/her major professor. The student will observe a working professional and participate on an expanding level of responsibility.


CCM Vocal Class

Class instruction in the techniques and singing of CCM focusing on individual and group vocal performance.


CCM Keyboard Improvisation

Theory and techniques of CCM improvisation with emphasis on functional harmony, melodic form, special scales, tune studies, ear training, and development of style.


Worship Dance

Visual movement in worship is also very import. We study proper movements and rhythm in worship with practice.


Understanding & Applying Rhythm

Rhythm is a pivotal element in the composition of music. Study the rhythm and application of rhythm.


Advanced Harmony

Harmony has made a variety of Western music today. Study advanced harmonics.


Arranging Practice

Scoring for chorus, orchestra, and band.



Analysis of musical works is very helpful for composition and performance. Study types and methods of analysis.


Arrangement Practice

The technique of arranging is the same as creating a new work. Learn the technique of arranging.


Sacred Music Orchestration

Today, the emergence of orchestras is increasing in the church. Study the appropriate arrangement for the orchestra sacle.



Drill on phonetics and application of Italian, German, French, Latin to sacred song.


Youth Choir Conducting

Conducting patterns applied of interpretation. Practice in sight singing. Applied to tone, balance, diction, phrasing, and interpretation for youth.


Understanding a Stage

Most performances are performed on stage. Study the structure of the stage, effective use, and safety.


Opera Workshop

In the 16th century, opera developed a lot of music and Western music. Study brief history and kind of opera, and important works of opera. Ensemble-oriented practical skills become the center of the class.


Mixing and Recording for Worship

Study the installation and use of microphones that are essential for worship.


Visual Presentation for Worship

Study the production and effective use of visual images that are important for worship.


Computer Study for Christian

Study basic structure of computer and effective use in church.