Board Meeting Fall Semester 2022

Composition of the forth Board of Trustees and Positions: Board Members/Mr. William Robinson, Mr.Ki-Hyun Chun, Mr. Samuel Na, Mr. Bo Proctor, Ms. Femi Tokunboh, Mr. Sidney Bradley, Ms. Nina Chen, Mr. Timothy Laniak(Eight names as above).

Chairperson/Mr. William Robinson, Vice Chairperson/Mr. Samuel Na, Secretary/Mr. Bo Proctor, Treasurer/Ms. Femi Tokunboh.

President/Mr. Ki-Hyun Chun, CEO/Ms. Sun Shin Chun, Vice President/Mrs. Lena Chun Lee, CAO/Mr. Yeongkee Lee.

The President Dr. Chun calls for publicity to invite many people to attend the Christmas Concert on December 10th.

Chairman William Robinson asks to perform more A Hymn Opera FANNY CROSBY next year. And Dr. Yeonglee Lee said that it will be performed twice next spring semester.

Dr. Lee suggested opening a course on instructor training to teach at the Senior Center and everyone will study it together .

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