2017 Christmas in Charlotte

It is tough to feel Christmas in Charlotte, especially for people who came from the cold region in America. Even with many churches’ beautiful Christmas trees and decorations, this warm weather does not allow us to get into the spirit of Christmas.
However, over the last few years, many people were talking about the Christmas Party at the Asian Library located at King’s Drive and Baxter street, which was established by Dr. Ki-Hyun Chun, the host of the party. Is it because of the luxurious interior design like Hotel-lobby or because of high-class invitees? Or because of the professional performance?
Surprisingly, the place was a library filled with thousands of books in various Asian languages. There most people were wearing Christmas outfit instead of fancy tuxedos or dresses. The party started with the choir of Chun University, combined with students and faculty. The Chun University began two years ago with the education programs which emphasize Christian music and biblical studies.
Krystian Fraire, a Sophomore at Chun University, sang Mozart’s Allelujah followed by Dr. Sunny Chun’s ‘Holy City’ by Adams. Both won much applause. Chun University Community Choir expressed the power of the collective voice through Chinese folk song “Hong Yan”, Korean popular song “With Love.” and “Christmas Carol Medley” All the guests enjoyed the delicious Korean food catered by the authentic Korean restaurant at Atlanta, Georgia. During the dinner time, Hawaiian Hula dance was featured, and the magic show was the everyone’s favorite.
About 120 people from different ethnic groups had beautiful Christmas celebration together, talking, singing and dancing. “This was the best Christmas Party ever!” said one lady with a big smile, while leaving the party.
Pastor Samuel Na, Charlotte Presbyterian Church delivered a Christmas message and Maestro James Meena of Opera Carolina, gave a congratulatory speech to the party.
Written by Ki Cha, Chun University Professor

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