Ms. Myeonghun Song(Korean)

Myeonghun Song is an artist and art education tutor based in Charlotte. She has over 25 years of experience working with children and teaching them about art and creativity.

Ms. Song believes the foundation of childhood art education is creativity rather than technique or skill. She believes everyone is born with amazing creative potential, and just as a student is taught how to master brushstrokes, a child must be taught how to harness and use their imagination to create meaningful art. Ms. Song’s education philosophy relies on nurturing that potential of children as early as possible in order to diffuse their curiosity and inquisitiveness into all aspects of their lives as they grow older. 

Back in South Korea, Ms. Song has worked as a Montessori art teacher, an after-school art program instructor for elementary school students, and a private art education tutor for countless children. In America, she’s volunteered as a teacher for various institutions in the Korean community, helping out with disabled children and the elderly.

Ms. Song has a Master of Arts in Fabric Design & Dying from Ewha Womans University. She also has a certification in Children’s Art from Hongik University’s Center for Fine Arts.